Trump Card

Trump Card is yet another unique attack, one which only four Pokémon are capable of learning; Eevee, Slowking, Dunsparce and Minun. It is a Special Normal Type attack so its use has to be planned.

How does it work? Trump Card's base power is dependant on the amount of PP that it has left. It's Base PP is 5 so it can go up to 8 in the amount of Base Power. However, this attack is the one case where using a PP Up or PP Max on it is a bad idea.

There are 5 levels of power that Trump Card has. These are displayed below:

PP Remaining Base Power
5, 6, 7, 8 40
4 50
3 60
2 75
1 190

This shows that on it's last possible use, it can have a massive effect on the opponent with a Base Power that almost matches Self Destruct, just without killing your Pokémon. To make things better, like Aerial Ace, Trump Card is an attack that never misses. Very handy indeed to win a battle

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