Trading, an integral part of Pokémon completion. You need to do it with your friends, or yourself, or trainers in game to get all 386 Pokémon in your Pokédex. A Tricky feat considering 184 Pokémon arent in RS and respectively 172 Pokémon are not in FRLG

Now, some of you are asking, Can I trade my Level 100 Lugia to Ruby or things to that effect. Well, to put it blunt. No you cant. Unfortunately the old games are incompatible with the new games. You are unable to trade your hard trained Pokémon to the new Generation of games. This has angered many people.

There are a couple of reasons that Nintendo have done this:

  1. The Link Cable. A Minor thing, but the GameBoy Advance Link Cable sends data a different way from the standard Game Boy. Pokémon trading in old games took time. You sent a Pokemon then recieved one. In the new cables, you send and recieve at the exact same time
  2. The IV system. In Red to Crystal, all Pokémon's IVs were between 0 and 15 allowing them to be set around there. However in the new generation of games, IVs are on a system of between 0 and 31 giving more variety in Pokémon. Transferring them would cause major problems which is why Nintendo Opted out

So instead, Nintendo have made it possible to get all 386 Pokémon between a few games. With this, you can freely trade any Pokémon with any attacks to any of the new games.

For Example, a Registeel from Ruby with the new attack Superpower can be traded with a Nidoran on FireRed. The games have all attacks programmed into them.

This stops problems such as those which were encountered when trading with the Time Machine in Gold Silver and Crystal. Even those with items on can be traded.

No Boundaries, No Limitations, No Problem!

The Next Question on peoples mind is Deoxys. What happens when you trade them. Well as explained in the Deoxys page, the Deoxys form will look like Normal form first of all, but when it gets to your game it will go to the form and stats of the version of your game.

Such as in the Picture. Trading from Emerald the Speed Deoxys to FRLG and you are getting sent the Attack Deoxys, but it looks like the Normal Deoxys and when it gets to your game, it will become Speed Deoxys

As I said earlier, No Boundaries, No Limitations, No Problem!


The Advance Generation:

All of the games listed here are all fully compatible with one another, but not with the 1st and 2nd Generation games

The First & Second Generation:

All of the games listed here are all compatible with one another. Gold, Silver & Crystal Indigineous Pokémon cannot be transferred to old games, but not with the Advance Generation games

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