Reversal & Flail

Reversal & Flail are two attacks that are unique in the fact that they are entirely dependant on the user having low HP. This often makes it a once in a battle move as soon after, the Pokémon is likely to be defeated. With strategy such as this, people often use Reversal or Flail in combination with attacks such as Endure or items like the Focus Band that make the Pokémon hold on with 1 HP

Reversal is a Fighting Type Physical Attack while Flail is a Normal Type Physical Attack, giving the attacks a broad range of scope to do damage on Super Effective targets. However, without prior intervention, it does mean that Ghost types will not be hit by these attacks at all.

The damage is calculated in the following way:

HP Remaining Base Power
1HP - 4% of Max HP 200
5% - 10% of Max HP 150
11% - 20% of Max HP 100
21% - 35% of Max HP 80
36% - 70% of Max HP 40
71% - 100% of Max HP 20

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