Magnitude is yet another unique attack, there are a fair few Pokémon that are capable of learning this attack through various means, but the attack itself is what is unique. It is a Physical Ground Type attack with 100% accuracy.

When the attack is used, the screen will come up with a number saying the Magnitude of the attack. This number varies from 4 up to 10 on specific random charges. This number determines the base power of the attack based upon this. The damage is as follows;

Magnitude # Chance Base Power
4 5% 10
5 10% 30
6 20% 50
7 30% 70
8 20% 90
9 10% 110
10 5% 150

With this, you are able to see how powerful the move can be. Most of the Pokémon that can learn the move get the STAB bonus, increasing the power even more. If the opponent has used dig, then the power doubles as well making it a potentially ridiculously powerful attack 5% of the time. Below are the Pokémon that learn this move:

Pokémon That Learn Magnitude By Level Up:

No. Pic Name Type 1 Type 2

Pokémon That Learn Magnitude By Breeding:

No. Pic Name Type 1 Type 2

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