Transform is a rather unique attack in that it causes the Pokémon that used it to change its form and abilities to that of the target opponent. There are many aspects to this that are very handy and some which are also detrimental at the same time.

Only 3 Pokémon have the ability to Transform; Ditto & Mew naturally and Smeargle by Sketching the move. As such, it is very rare that you'll come across Transform much in the entire game. No trainers in Diamond & Pearl have a Ditto nor a Mew and so Transform is only going to be seen through Wild Ditto.

Transform can change many features of the Pokémon temporarily. The features are as follows;

  • Pokémon Species
  • Pokémon Cry
  • Attack Stat
  • Defense Stat
  • Speed Stat
  • Special Attack Stat
  • Special Defense Stat
  • Capture Rate
  • Stat Changes
  • EXP Yield
  • Pokémon Moves
As such, this means that apart from its HitPoints and Level, Ditto/Mew is essentially the other Pokémon. Also, the EV training that you have put on Ditto becomes void for this battle. However, that said, when Critical Hits happen, it will still be based upon Ditto/Mew's stats.

As the Pokémon's catch rate changes, if you wish to capture a Ditto or a Mew (Level 30 in Emerald will know Transform, although it isn't too likely to use it) with greater ease, then send in a Pokémon with a high capture rate such as Magikarp in battle first and then it should be very simple to capture. It's EXP Yield also changes so the EXP gained from beating a Ditto depends upon the Pokémon it has transformed into.

As Transform copies the Pokémon's moves, you will not be able to re-transform should the opponent switch out unless you switch your Transforming Pokémon out. Each move that Transform copies comes with 5 PP standard meaning you only have 20 possible turns with this transformation before your Pokémon starts to Struggle. The 5PP transformation however does cause endless battles should it be Ditto VS Ditto as it will always reset.

To remove the transformation, there are several methods. First, switching out will cause the Pokémon to revert back to being it's original self if it is sent out again. When it faints, it will always revert to being it's original form and if it wins the battle then it will also revert.

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