Dynamic Values

Dynamic Values are everything that can change within a pokemon’s stats to make it different from the next. They range from the pokemon’s current Level, to the nature it has, to all the hidden stats. To get an extremely good pokemon, you have to utilize almost every single DV there is. It’s hard to do so though, since most of them depend on luck of getting the right random value. Anyway, I’ll explain each Dynamic Value separately.

The Level

This is the easy part. If you want to change your pokemon’s level, just gain the required amount of experience needed. Now you may already know this, but every pokemon has a set amount of experience it needs before it gets to level 100, six different experience amounts in all ranging from 600,000 experience to 1,640,000 experience. Simple concept, no?

Nature Values

If you’ve looked at the nature table on the site, you can see that each nature is either neutral or helping a stat and downing another stat. There’s a set amount for these values too. Nature values will either equal 1 where they don’t do anything to a stat, 1.1 where they increase a stat by 10%, or 0.9 where they decrease a stat by 10%. If you’re the person that always uses the neutral natures, think for a second. If you use a special sweeper with a neutral nature, you are completely ignoring the Attack stat anyway so why not take 10% from that and add 10% to Special Attack? (Modest nature btw.)

Of course if you want to influence it though, you will just have to go through a major breeding spree as there is no way to influence what nature you get really. On legendaries, you just have to catch em repeatedly, and for Lati@s, you are stuck with whatever nature you get with it when you first catch it anyway since those values are made at the beginning of the game when you first start, unless you have the Eon ticket of course.

Gender Values

This really isn’t that important in training a pokemon, but it is a Dynamic Value none the less. Basically what it does is determine if your pokemon is female, male, or a Mirage Island Pokemon. A Gender Value of 0 means it’s a mirage Island Pokemon, a value between 1 and 127 mean that it is male, and 128 to 256 mean it is female. Now before you take that Metagross of yours to the guy that can see Mirage Island sometimes, note that genderless pokemon have Gender values as well.

Effort Values

Effort Values are very dynamic, and it’s something you can influence very well. If you wish to give that special sweeper a higher boost in Special attack and Speed, it’s recommended that you EV Train. Of course there’s already a guide on this site on how to do that. :P

Individual Values

Individual Values are what make same-species pokemon different. They add a bonus of 0 to 31 to your pokemon’s stats, and they are set in stone once you catch it. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a guide for this too!

Thanks to Dragonair for writing this for us

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