#055 Golduck
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Green's Golduck
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Cloud Nine
Attacks Confusion, Dig, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Surf, Tail Whip
Green’s owns this Golduck which has powerful water attacks. It also possesses psychic powers which allowed it to telepathically guide the Substitute of Red’s Pika in navigating the locked down Saffron City.
# Chapter Notes
018 VS. Ninetales
024 VS. Dragonite Flashback
031 VS. Articuno
050 VS. Lapras Flashback
051 VS. Magneton Flashback
052 VS. Gengar Flashback
053 VS. Caterpie
055 VS. Primeape
065 VS. Machop
066 VS. Poliwrath
070 VS. Alakazam
071 VS. Muk
077 VS. Golduck
090 VS. ???
273 The Battle Path
278 Full Island Attack
285 The Tower With A Mind
301 Red The Battler
334 The Final Battle VII

Random Trainer's Pokémon

Unknown trainer in Johto
# Chapter Notes
179 The Last Battle XIII

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