Event Matches make their return to Smash Bros. In Brawl. Unlike in Melee where there was 51 of them, in Brawl there are 62. However, 21 of them can only be utilised via co-op. These matches either force wins under certain conditions or pit you against a variety of characters

Events 21-40 are unlocked by obtaining many of the secret characters within the game so they will not be accessible at first

 Match 21- Visit to Onett
Playable as: Lucas
Against: Ness
Stage: Onett

In a crossover between two Mother games, you play as Lucas in Ness's home town of Onett. Your task here is to KO Ness. He has two stock so it becomes a good match, usually down to the wire

Visit to Onett
 Match 22 - Monkeys Unite
Playable as: Diddy Kong
Against: Donkey Kong Giant, Sheik, Lucario
Stage: Rumble Falls

Unlike the previous match on Rumble Falls, this event match requires you to defeat the opponents on the stage. As the stage moves, a good tactic is to always Meteor Smash them down to where a bit of stage has just gone off the screen

Monkeys Unite
 Match 23 - Molten Norfair
Playable as: Samus
Against: Captain Falcon, Sheiik
Stage: Norfair

The next match is not a Knock-Out match. A massive lava wave is coming head on to the stage and, as Samus, you have to get into the protective pod before your enemies get in and seal it.

Molten Norfair
 Match 24 - Come on! Blue Falcon!
Playable as: Captain Falcon
Against: R.O.B., R.O.B.
Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
Unlocks: Music - Fire Field - F-Zero

The next match has you, as Captain Falcon, face two R.O.B.'s on the stage that has a giant R.O.B. on. You have to defeat them, with your Final Smash, before the stage moves along an entire lap of Port Town. Very tricky indeed

Come on! Blue Falcon!
 Match 25 - The Aura Is With Me
Playable as: Lucario
Against: Ness, Sheik
Stage: Spear Pillar
Unlocks: Spear Pillar Stage

The next match is another simple Brawl set upon the Spear Pillar stage. As Lucario, you have to defeat both your enemies before you are knocked out

The Aura Is With Me
 Match 26 - The Slow and Easy Life
Playable as: Ness
Against: Pikmin & Olimar, Pikmin & Olimar, Pikmin & Olimar
Stage: Smashville

During a concert by K.K. Slider in Smashville, you are up against three Captain Olimar. Shrunk down to the size he's originally meant to be, you have to defeat all three to win the match

The Slow and Easy Life
 Match 27 - Three-Beast Carnage
Playable as: R.O.B.
Against: Charizard Giant, Donkey Kong Giant, Bowser Giant
Stage: New Pork City

On the biggest stage in the game, you play as a normal sized R.O.B. against three opponents; Bowser, DK & Charizard. These opponents however are all Giant and you have to defeat them in order to win the match. Not very easy to do at all, but their size may cause themselves to suicide so be prepared

Three-Beast Carnage
 Match 28 - Flower Blooms in the Echoes
Playable as: Peach
Against: Pikmin & Olimar
Stage: Hanenbow
Unlocks: Hanenbow Stage

This match doesnt require actual fighting. All you have to do is make all the leaves on the main flower turn red. This is done by hitting them. However, your opponent, Olimar, may counter your work so it may be best to KO him early on

Flower Blooms in the Echoes
 Match 29 - All Star Battle Semi-Regulars
Playable as: Any
Against: Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, Jigglypuff
Stage: Yoshi's Island (Melee)

The third All-Star match is a small one that pits you against the original secret characters from the first game. As there's only four of them, the battle shouldn't take long. As usual you go against two of them at a time

 All Star Battle Semi-Regulars
 Match 30 - Sonic Boom
Playable as: Sonic
Against: Sonic *15
Stage: Green Hill Zone

The first 3rd party event match has you, as Sonic, go up against 15 other Sonic's in Green Hill Zone. KO all the Sonics to win the event match

Sonic Boom
 Match 31 - The Ultimate Bodyguard
Playable as: Marth
Against: Ganondorf, Ganondorf
Stage: Castle Siege

The next match has you take on the role of protector of Zelda. Two Ganondorf want to KO her and you, as Marth need to protect her through the three stages of the Castle Siege stage. Once you reach the bottom, if you have succeeded in protecting her, Zelda will transform into Sheik and the match will be over

The Ultimate Bodyguard
 Match 32 - Bird in Darkest Night
Playable as: Falco
Against: Mr. Game & Watch
Stage: Brinstar

This match is one of the hardest you'll come across. As Falco, you need to KO Mr. Game & Watch. However, at many points in the level, the entire stage is pitch black and you can barely see yourself and your foe so you need to watch your step

Bird in Darkest Night
 Match 33 - Advent of the Evil King
Playable as: Ganondorf
Against: Link, Zelda, Pit
Stage: Temple
Unlocks: Music - Great Temple - Adventure of Link

This match has you take control of Ganondorf on the Temple level from Melee. In this match, you have to face off Link, Zelda and Pit for some reason. KO all three of them and you win the match

Advent of the Evil King
 Match 34 - All Star Battle Melee
Playable as: Any
Against: Peach, Bowser, Zelda, Marth, Ice Climbers, Falco, Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch
Stage: Pokémon Stadium

The fourth all-star match has you go against the 8 characters that made their debut in Melee and have returned to fight in Brawl. Once again, you fight two at a time so you have to be careful and strategic so you dont get blasted away. Again, you can select your own character for this match

All Star Battle Melee
 Match 35 - The Visitor to Flat Zone
Playable as: Mr. Game & Watch
Against: Peach, Jigglypuff, Toon Link
Stage: Flat Zone 2

This match has you as Mr Game & Watch inside a Game & Watch. However, three other characters have entered the game and are in their flat personas. You must KO these visitors to win the match

The Visitor to Flat Zone
 Match 36 - High-Tech Special Force
Playable as: Snake
Against: Wolf, Samus, Captain Falcon
Stage: Shadow Moses Island

Playing as Snake, you go up against three characters, all of which use high tech technology in their attacks or final smashes. Once again, your task is to KO these enemies...although it is not as easy as it sounds

High-Tech Special Forces
 Match 37 - The Pirate Airship
Playable as: Toonk Link
Against: Yoshi, Yoshi
Stage: Pirate Ship
Unlocks: Music: Song of Storms - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

In a slightly altered version of the Pirate Ship level, you are against two Yoshi. The ship will constantly get thrown up by a hurricane. When you're in the air, this is the time to strike and KO the Yoshi. KO them both while the ship is in the air to win the match

The Pirate Airship
 Match 38 - The Wolf Hunts the Fox
Playable as: Wolf
Against: Fox, Falco
Stage: Lylat Cruise
Unlocks: Music - Star Wolf Theme - Starfox Assault

In a classic Star Wolf VS StarFox match, you take on Wolf and have to defeat both Fox & Falco. This match can get tricky but KO both of them and the match is won

The Wolf Hunts the Fox
 Match 39 - All Star Brawl 2
Playable as: Any
Against: King Dedede, Ike, Snake, Sonic, Wolf, R.O.B., Toon Link, Lucario
Stage: Sky World

In the fifth and final All-Star match, you go up against the remaining newcomers from Brawl. Once again you're against 8 characters; 2 at a time. and can select your own character in order to use your best skills

All Star Brawl 2
 Match 40 - The Final Showdown
Playable as: Any
Against: Bowser, King Dedede, Ganondorf
Stage: Final Destination

The 40th match has you go against three of the villains from the main franchises within the game. You can select your own character for this match, and its a very difficult one so be sure to use your best character and your best skills

The Final Showdown
 Match 41 - The FINAL Final Showdown
Playable as: Any
Against: Mario Giant, Snake, Sonic
Stage: Final Destination

In the Final Event Match for single player, you go against the main characters of the franchises represented by Nintendo, Konami and Sega in this game, Mario being Giant as it is Nintendo's game. This match is a very difficult one and you have to hone your skills fully for this match

The FINAL Final Showdown
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