Weezing, The Poison Gas Pokémon. If one of the twin Koffing inflates, the other one deflates. It constantly mixes its poisonous gases. Very rarely, a sudden mutation can result in two small Koffing twins becoming conjoined as a Weezing. Inhaling toxic fumes from trash and mixing them inside its body lets it spread an even fouler stench. It grows by feeding on gases released by garbage. Though very rare, triplets have been found.


Weezing is a commonly overlooked Pokémon. It typically sat in the NU tiers, but has come to carve its own niche in the new metagame. Weezing is typically physically orientated with a decent Attack stat and a massive Defense stat of 120, putting its defense in the Top 50 Defense stats in the game. Not too shabby at all. In addition to that, with this and its type, it is one of the more defensive Pokémon in the game; due to its ability removing its Ground-type weakness, it is typically only weak to Psychic and resists Grass, Fighting, Poison, Bug and Fairy while being immune to Ground. Its Special Defense, however, along with Speed and Hit Points are what hold Weezing back considerably. With Psychic-type moves predominantly being Special, Weezing would not likely be able to survive many hits.
- Its Defense stat is really good
- It has a diverse movepool, both Physical and Special
- Both of its Attack stats are passable meaning you can use either style for battle to throw off your opponent
- In a meta game which has a lot of Fairies, it will destroy

- Its Special Defense is somewhat poor
- It has no access to any recovery moves, which is what you'd want on a Pokémon such as this
- It has nothing to really deal with anything that may be able to counter it


Levitate: Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect on this Pokémon. This ability is your only choice, but it's not a bad choice. It completely removes one of Weezing's weaknesses and turns it into an immunity. Nobody can say that is bad.


I was going to be called LA

- Sludge Bomb
- Will-O-Wisp
- Flamethrower
- Pain Split / Thunderbolt
Item Attached: Black Sludge
Ability: Levitate
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD Bold Nature

This is a relatively standard Weezing set. Will-O-Wisp is able to burn the opponent, thus making any physically focused Pokémon even more useless against Weezing. Sludge Bomb gives Weezing a decent STAB move with a chance of poisoning the foe, and will likely 2HKO most Fairy-type Pokémon, barring Florges. Flamethrower gives Weezing some further coverage against Steel-type Pokémon, which are immune to its Poison-type moves. Thunderbolt is another option for some coverage, but the best choice is Pain Split. If used wisely, this is the only way to make Weezing gain Hit Points again.

The Poison Wall

- Stockpile
- Flamethrower/Will-O-Wisp
- Pain Split
- Clear Smog
Item Attached: Black Sludge
Ability: Levitate
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Def Bold Nature

This set is one that purely focuses upon Weezings defences. With one use of Stockpile, it boosts its Defense up to near godly levels, and makes its Special Defense fully respectable. Flamethrower and Will-O-Wisp run as expected, with the choice being dependant upon how you want to use this. If you want to chip away at the opponent while they attempt to chip away at you, then go for Will-O-Wisp. Flamethrower, however, does decent damage and prevents Weezing from being completely rendered useless by Taunt. Pain Split, as before, is the only chance you'll get at Hit Point recovery. Clear Smog is a decent enough move to use. It has low power, but it will remove all the stat increases of the opponent

Other Options

Belch, Destiny Bond, Explosion, Fire Blast, Hidden Power Ice, Psybeam, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Toxic, Toxic Spikes
Belch is an insanely powerful move with top accuracy but requires you to have consumed a berry before it can be used. Due to this, it removes Weezing being able to have a hold item that isn't a Berry, so only use it if you're sure.
Destiny Bond is a decent enough move, and is good to take out a Pokémon when you know that Weezing is about to faint.
Explosion is ridiculously powerful and another good way to take out an opponent when Weezing is about to go. However, you'll see a lot of Steel types when using Weezing, so it won't be too effective
Fire Blast is a decent alternative to Flamethrower. It has more power, but less accuracy
Hidden Power Ice is quite useful for taking out Pokémon such as Garchomp and Landorus
Psybeam & Shadow Ball provide different coverage for Weezing and can be a viable option over say Thunderbolt
Taunt can make stalling Pokémon have to attack, which may not actually do a dent on Weezing.
Toxic, for obvious reasons, is always an option
Toxic Spikes are a great entry hazard that you can be sure to use with Weezing

Double & Triple Battle Options

Weezing isn't that much of a Double/Triple battle Pokémon, but due to its ability, it is great when teamed with an Earthquake user.

Countering Weezing

Heatran is the biggest counter to Weezing. Being of both the Fire and Steel types, it can resist practically every move in Weezing's movepool, which will force a switch out. Fire-type Pokémon such as Camerupt, Charizard, Magmortar etc. are fully able to switch into Weezing's attacks and do serious damage. However, if you want to completely KO Weezing, you'll want a Psychic-type. Any Psychic-type that can switch into its moves is logical, so you'll want to go with some bulky ones like Musharna, Claydol, Reuniclus and even Bronzong if it's Heatproof. Gardevoir used to be a decent counter, but don't trust it anymore as Weezing could kill it easily. However, if you're switching in after losing a Pokémon, then go for Pokémon like Jynx or Delphox. They'll be able to hit hard and fast, potentially OHKOing poor Weezing due to its poor Special Defense, but don't think of using them to switch into Weezing's attacks, Jynx would collapse under the Fire-type moves that are common in Weezing sets, and Delphox's physical Defense is just poor so it has a chance of being severely damaged.

Locations in Games

Evolve Koffing

Pokemon Mansion Floors 1, 2, 3 & 4 (FireRed)
Evolve Koffing (LeafGreen)

Trade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen

Route 227, Stark Mountain

Safari Zone

Trade from Black 2 or White 2

Black 2/White 2:
P2 Lab

Requires transfer

Animé Appearences

Weezing has made a few appearances in the anime, most notably it was used by James during the various exploits of Team Rocket in the Kanto and Johto regions

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
31 Dig Those Diglett Full of Diglett Pics
32 The Ninja Poke-Showdown Fuchsia Ninja Battle! Pics
33 The Flame Pokémon-athon Blazing Pokémon Race Pics
37 Ditto's Mysterious Mansion Ditto and Duplica Pics
38 Not Aired Electric Soldier Porygon Pics
40 The Battling Eevee Brothers Four Eevee Brothers Pics
41 Wake up Snorlax Get Up! Snorlax Pics
42 Showdown at Dark City Showdown! Pokemon Gym! Pics
44 The Problem with Paras Paras And Parasect Pics
45 The Song of Jigglypuff Sing! Jigglypuff! Pics
46 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon Resurrection!? Fossil Pokemon! Pics
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"How to Pikachu the Movie! Ready! Action!!"
The Thunderclap Hero! Super Pikachu!!
Pikachu's Thrilling Blooper Award
1135 Getting More Than You Battled For! Battling & Getting! Mewtwo Comes Back Pics
1142 Healing the Healer! Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!! Pics