Professor Birch

Professor Birch (Jp. Name: Odamaki)

Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Johto Photo Finish!


Professor Birch is a Pokémon Researcher in Hoenn. Unlike Professor Oak and Professor Elm, Professor Birch does a lot of field study, leaving his lab for days on end just to do some research elsewhere. Living in Littleoot Town, Birch meets a lot of new and aspiring trainers, and helps them out by giving them their starter Pokémon. Birch is good friends with Norman of Petalburg City and Professor Oak. Professor Birch is an eccentric person and a reckless driver when the needs arrive. His primary field of study is habits of wild Pokémon.


Birch is one of the most renowned researchers in the world.

Pokémon on Hand

Pokémon Picture Details

Birch's Poochyena was only seen briefly, while trying to rescue starter Pokémon from Team Rocket's grasp. Poochyena is good at hunting down people and Pokémon based on smell. However it was not used in battle.

Obtained Prior to episode: A Six Pack Attack

Pokémon Given To Trainers

Pokémon Picture Details

Treecko is the Grass Type Pokémon that Professor Birch gives to trainers in Hoenn. While they are still young, they are still capable of battling and one even demonstrated that it was still a powerful Pokémon despite its age. We currently know of no trainers that Birch has given Treecko to.


Torchic is the Fire Type Pokémon that Professor Birch gives to trainers in Hoenn. Like the other starters, they are young and relatively inexperienced. However despite this, they are still ready to battle and can hold their own. Professor Birch has given one Torchic to Harrison many years ago and recently gave one to May when she started on her journey

Given To Harrison prior to episode: Pop Goes The Sneasel
Given To May in episode: Get The Show On The Road!


Mudkip is the Water Type Pokémon that Professor Birch gives to trainers in Hoenn. The Mudkip that Professor Birch own are young and inexperienced, however they are trustworthy in battle. May used one to try and rescue Professor Birch from a pack of Poochyena, but it misunderstood and attacked her instead.

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