Acerola (Jp. Name: アセロラ)

Hometown: Ula'ula Island, Alola
First Appearence In Episode: Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?


Acerola is a girl who lives in Ula'ula Island. Having a close connection with some kids, she often reads them scary stories. She has a connection to various Ghost-type Pokémon and likes to teach people of the legends of Alola. She is the neice of the Ula'ula Kahuna, Nanu. When Ash went to Ula'ula Island, she helped

Pokémon on Team

Mimikyu Mimikins

Mimikins is Acerola's main partner Pokémon. Mimikins is a shiny Mimikyu but isn't technically alive as it's the spirit of a dead Mimikyu so it can pass through solid objects. It knows the move Shadow Claw

Obtained prior to episode: Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?

Acerola brought Shuppet along with her to Melemele Island when she helped Ash & co. set up a haunted house for Lana's sisters and was used during the Alola League Battle Royal. it knows the moves Foresight and Will-o-Wisp

Obtained prior to episode: A Haunted House for Everyone!
Gengar Greedy Rapooh

Acerola befriended Gengar when it broke free from a shrine it was sealed in. Gengar started causing trouble and eventually started to steal lots of objects in Ula'ula Island. It then tried to kidnap Acerola but was eventually stopped, but Acerola allowed it to visit her in the library. However, she later showed she partnered it when it is used during the Alola League Knock Out round against Kiawe's Marowak. It has the move Shadow Ball at its disposal

Obtained prior to episode: Jessie VS James! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!!