Samson Oak

Samson Oak (Jp. Name: ナリヤ オーキド Nariya Ookido)

Hometown: Iki Town, Alola
First Appearence In Episode: Alola to New Adventure!


Samson Oak is the cousin of Professor Samuel Oak from Kanto and looks much like his cousin. Much like his cousin he studies Pokémon but is also the principal of the Pokémon School. He is a very eccentric person, often immitating Pokémon to make puns while he talks

Pokémon in Team


Komala is Samson Oak's partner Pokémon. Due to its ability, it is always sleeping and clinging to its log. Despite this, it monitors the Pokémon school, ringing the bell at necessary times with its log. It is also a capable battler with moves including Rapid Spin and Sing and has won many competitions including the pancake race

Obtained prior to episode: The Guardian's Challenge!

Vulpix hatched from an egg given by Professor Oak. Two eggs hatched, one containing an Alolan Vulpix that Lillie kept and one hatched into a Kantonian Vulpix which Samson Oak took into his care. It has the move Ember which it used to show off its power

Hatched in episode: Getting to Know You!

Samson Oak used his Alolan Exeggutor during the Alola Pokémon League Top 16 knockout match against Hau's Alolan Raichu. It had the move Dragon Hammer but eventually fell to Raichu

Obtained prior to episode: Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!!