Tyson (Jp. Name: Tetsuya)

Hometown: Mauville City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Like a Meowth to a Flame!


Tyson is a Pokémon Trainer from Mauville City. Since he has been going as a trainer for several years, he has made quite a team behind him. Unlike most, he is not arrogant because of his strengths in Pokémon. Always ambitious, Tyson made it to the EverGrande City Pokémon League for Hoenn, where he met and quickly befriended Ash & Co. Teamed with the Meowth that he rescued, Tyson always try his hardest in Pokémon Battles and is currently continuing his journey in a different land.


Tyson has defeated at least 8 Gyms in Hoenn and won the Hoenn League in EverGrande City

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Tyson's Meowth has the most personality out of Tyson's Pokémon. Tyson rescued Meowth after it was kicked out of it's pack for being too weak after a battle with a Persian. Due to this, Meowth refuses to evolve into Persian and hones its attacks so that it can be as strong as it can be. Dressed in a semi-cowboy costume, it really is sure of itself, however sometimes it goes overboard and Tyson needs to hold it back.

Obtained Prior to episode: Like A Meowth To Flame


Metagross is essentially the power house of Tyson's team. It is unknown where he got it and how long he has had it, but Metagross is able to take down even the toughest opponents. It managed to take out 2 of Ash's Pokémon before it finally fainted in battle.

Obtained Prior to episode: Like A Meowth To Flame


Sceptile was seldom seen. Used in many of the preliminaries, Sceptile has many powerful attacks including a powerful Bullet Seed. However, Sceptile still surcomes to its weaknesses easily, being knocked out by a Glalie with only one move. Nothing is known about its personality but it is completely loyal to Tyson.

Obtained Prior to episode: Shocks and Bonds!


Donphan is a speedy powerhouse of Tyson's, using its Rollout attack at every opportunity to try and evade attack. However it is still susceptable to speed attacks when doing this and has fainted in battle due to this. It was used by Tyson through the preliminaries and the finals. Like the other Pokémon, Donphan is loyal to Tyson.

Obtained Prior to episode: Shocks and Bonds!


Shiftry was not seen by the viewers until the Quarter Finals of the Hoenn League. Shiftry was only in battle for a short time but did have a plethora of attacks at its disposal. Its personality is not known however due to this small appearance.

Obtained Prior to episode: Choose It Or Lose It


Hariyama was another of Tyson's Pokémon that wasnt seen until towards the finals. However Hariyama is a strong Pokémon capable of taking on many tough Pokémon and winning. Using its muscles, it is able to withstand many attacks that were thrown at it.

Obtained Prior to episode: Choose It Or Lose It

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