Cassidy (Jp. Name: Yamato)

Hometown: ?
First Appearence In Episode: The Breeding Center Secret!


Cassidy is a member of Team Rocket. Just before she joined, she met Jessie and from that meeting, a huge rivalry started. When she joined, she was paired up with Butch and given a Raticate as their partner. More successful than their rivals Jessie & James, Butch & Cassidy are given the more high profile jobs for Team Rocket including several Breeding Center scams and many other tasks. Cassidy is fairly vain and arrogant, which constantly annoys Jessie, but managed to come up with successful scams...unless Ash & Co, end up involved. For a short time, she was teamed up with James. She has since left Team Rocket and has taken up making carvings

Pokémon on Team


Raticate is the Pokémon that was assigned to Butch & Cassidy's Duo. Depsite how it looks, Raticate manages to stay strong in battle and get in many good attacks before finally losing. Both Butch & Cassidy share usage of Raticate

Caught Prior to Episode: The Breeding Center Secret


Cassidy's Houndour was first shown in battle using a headband. This headband focused Houndour's anger making it more powerful and unstoppable. When the headband stopped working, Houndour was susceptable attacks. Since then it has been trained a bit more and can stand a bit longer in battle.

Caught Prior To Episode: A Parent Trapped


Cassidy's Sableye was her first Hoenn Pokémon used. Being a Ghost type, it was able to get in a few good attacks whenever it was in battle, but as usual it always lost

Caught Prior To episode: OakNapped!


Given Tentacruel for the task of capturing Moltres, it was used in combination with Butch's Cloyster to try to weaken it. However it failed to do so and quickly surcome to the Thunderbolt attack of Richie's Pikachu.

Obtained Prior to episode: The Search For A Legend!


Granbull is one of the Pokémon that Cassidy brought to Sinnoh. It has powerful attack strength with its attacks such as Bite, but evetually lost in battle

Obtained Prior to episode: Pachirisu In Hippowdon's Mouth?!

Pokémon Previously Owned


After the Breeding Center scam, Butch & Cassidy decided to keep the Drowzee since it showed some strong Psychic powers. Using these psychic powers, Butch & Cassidy managed to Brainwash all the Pokémon on the island. Ash & Co. managed to stop the scheme, but Drowzee's current whereabouts are unknown. It was presumably returned to its rightful trainer by the authorities.

Stole From Breeding Center in episode: The Breeding Center Secret