Harley (Jp. Name: Harley)

Hometown: Slateport City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: A Cacturne For The Worse!


Harley is a rather flamboyant Pokémon Co-ordinator. While he is male, many of his mannerisms match that of a girl. Dressed like his main Pokémon, Cacturne, Harley is a talented Pokémon Co-ordinator and has won many contests and partaken in several Grand Festivals. When he met May, he offered cookies, but May's usual mannerisms made him think that May didnt want them. This started a long fued between him and May which continued when May kept defeating him in contests. Due to this, Harley uses whatever means necessary to try and make May fumble and lose including stopping her from registering for contests and loaning his Pokémon to Team Rocket.


Harley has won at least 10 different Pokémon Contests. In the Hoenn Grand Festival he came in the Top 16 after being defeated by May. In the Kanto Grand Festival, he again came in the Top 16 after being defeated by May.

Ribbon Festival Position
Hoenn Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Rubello Town Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Top 8
? ? ? ? ? Top 16

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Cacturne is Harley's primary and first Pokémon. Described as his buddy, Cacturne was primarily used in the Appeals area but still manages to hold its own in battles with its attacks like Pin Missile & Needle Arm.

Obtained Prior to episode: A Cacturne for the Worse


Harley first used his ghost Pokémon, Banette, in the Hoenn Grand Festival. Banette is primarily a battling Pokémon, but does use its Will-o-Wisp attack as a form of Appeal in the Pokémon Contests that Harley enters in. He also describes Banette as his buddy.

Obtained prior to episode: Rhapsody In Drew


Ariados is a Pokémon of Harley that is primarily used in battles as opposed to appeals. Using its web attacks, it is a strong Pokémon that Harley does rely on on several occassions to try and get a win.

Obtained prior to episode: The Saffron Con


Octillery has not had much screentime, but has been used in both Battles & Appeals. Octillery is an incredibly powerful Pokémon, even knowing Fire Blast, an attack that Water Pokémon do not normally know.

Obtained prior to episode: Harley Rides Again!


Wigglytuff is a powerhouse that Harley first used in the Kanto Grand Festival and was able to bloat itself up to withstand the brunt of it's opponents attacks. Unlike most Wigglytuff, this Wigglytuff appears to have an aggressive demeanor.

Obtained prior to episode: May VS Harley! Battle on Stage

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