Professor Samuel Oak

Samuel Oak (Jp. Name: Yukinari Ookido)

Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon, I Choose You!


Samuel Oak, one of the most renowned Pokémon Researchers, started off his journey as a psuedo-Trainer/Watcher. Collecting Pokémon for battling but also sketching them. When he was about 10, he rescued an injured Celebi from a Hunter and accidentlaly travelled forwards in time and met with Ash. He & Ash defended Celebi and eventually Sammy got sent back in time and continued his life. After giving up being a Watcher, he started to become a Pokémon Researcher and started a family, where his grandson now follows in his footsteps. Oak can sometimes be a bit forgetful, but is always knowledgable of things Pokémon. He likes making Haikus and that sometimes takes over what he is trying to do.


Oak has become the most renowned researcher in the world and helped to invent the Pokédex.

Pokémon on Team


Dragonite is the powerhouse of Oak's. When invited to see Mirage Pokémon come to life, Oak decided to take Dragonite just in case problems arose. Problems did arise however when Professor Yung made a mirage Mewtwo that started to attack others. Dragonite was among the Pokémon who were used to try and stop it, to no avail.

Caught Prior to episode: The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon


Rotom was one of three Rotom that lived on M'toro Island within the electricity. Professor Oak, having come to study their form change, soon learned that they were mischevious and tried to capture one. This failed, and as his research continued, Team Rocket appeared to try and capture the Rotom for themselves. After helping to set it free, and then heal it, Rotom decided to come with Professor Oak.

Caught Prior to episode: To Catch a Rotom!


Professor Oak used Pidgey when there was a contest between him and an imposter, who was actually James, on who is the real Professor Oak. Using Pidgey to attack Team Rocket, Oak muses that it's not the size of the Pokémon that determines its strength and Pidgey was the perfect example of this.

Caught Prior to episode: Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?


When he travelled through time, Charmeleon was one of the Pokémon that Sammy used to try and defend Celebi from The Iron Masked Marauder. Charmeleon is a powerful Pokémon that can hold its own in battle. It's current status 40 years later is unknown.

Caught Prior to Movie: Celebi: A Timeless Encounter

Pokémon Given To Trainers


Pikachu was not originally a Pokémon that Oak gave to starting out trainers. Pikachu was an arrogant Pokémon that was not tamed or ready for a trainer. However with Ash arriving late and not being able to get a Pokémon, he reluctantly gave Pikachu to Ash.

Given to Ash in episode: Pokémon, I Choose You!


Bulbasaur is the Grass Type Pokémon starter that Professor Oak gives to the new trainers in Kanto. He has a fair few Bulbasaurs around, all of which are young and awaiting trainers. He gave one to a trainer starting out when Ash started and one to a new trainer Gilbert at a later stage.

Given to Gilbert in episode: Journey To The Starting Line!


Charmander is the Fire Type Pokémon starter that Professer Oak gives to the new trainers in Kanto. Like Bulbasaur, he keeps a fair few Charmander around so that many trainers can get them. At the moment, we do not know of any trainers that Oak has given a Charmander to.


Squirtle is the Water Type Pokémon starter that Professor Oak gives to the new trainers in Kanto. Like the others, Oak keeps a fair few young Squirtle around for multiple trainers. When Gary started on his Pokémon journey, Oak gave him a Squirtle as his starter Pokémon. May also befriended one of the Squirtle, who refused to go back to it's Pokéball so Oak gave May the Squirtle.

Given to Gary Oak in episode: Pokémon, I Choose You!
Given to May in episode: The Right Place At The Right Mime