Max (Jp. Name: Masato)

Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: There's No Place Like Hoenn!


Max is May's younger brother, however unlike his sister, he has always been into Pokémon and wants to become a Pokémon Trainer when he comes of age. However, even though he is young, he still knows a lot about Pokémon and has managed to befriend many of them. With this knowledge, he did manage to convince trainers that he was the Petalburg Gym Leader, a position that his father actually holds, but that claim always fell through when it came to Pokémon Battling due to the fact that he does not have any Pokémon. From this knowledge, he decided to travel with Ash & May so that he could learn even more so he can start out as an excellent Pokémon Trainer. Max can be a little geeky at times but really cares for Pokémon and for his sister.


Since Max isn't a trainer, he does have no achievements of note. He has however been present at many gym and contest matches

Pokémon Befriended

Pokémon Picture Details

Deoxys crashed onto the planet and started causing disturbances in the area. When found, it kidnapped Max & Meowth and took them to an alternate dimension. In this time Max befriended Deoxys and learned that it just wanted to be able to leave and get on with its life. With the help of Hinata it managed to, but only thanks to Max

Befriended in episode: Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis


Max found an injured Ralts during his travels with Ash & Co. Max, not wanting to leave it to fend for itself decided to try and nurse it back to health, only to be later attacked by it's family. Ralts however became fond of Max, and defended him from it's family and Team Rocket. Max decided it would be best for it to go back to its family, but promised that he would return for Ralts once he becomes old enough to become a Pokémon Trainer

Befriended in episode: Do I Hear A Ralts?


Max befriended Shuppet in a mansion while he was on his travels. Shuppet was inhabiting the mansion as it has been there for quite a while. After meeting up with Max, they decided to have fun and scare people. Shuppet is incredibly mischievous but does care about it's friends and does defend them in battle. It decided to stay at the mansion with Emily, the girl it used to play with.

Befriended in episode: Take This House & Shuppet


After finding the shooting star that Jirachi inhabits until it awakens every 1,000 years, Max decided to look after the Rock until it hatched into Jirachi, a cute, yet quirky Pokémon that really liked to do nice things for people such as getting them candy. However Jirachi was coveted by Butler and so Max with the help of Ash had to defend it. After the week had past, Jirachi reluctantly went back to it's 1,000 year slumber, saying goodbye to Max for the final time

Befriended in movie: Jirachi - Wish Maker


During their travels, Max met up with a trainer who had a pack of Mightyena and one lone Poochyena which didn't evolve when the others evolved. Noting that it shouldn't be left out so he decides to help train it so that it will evolve. Training it against May's Pokémon, it eventually evolves into Mightyena to defend against Team Rocket

Befriended in episode: A Bite To Remember!

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