Jessie (Jp. Name: Musashi)

Hometown: ?, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon Emergency!


Jessie came from a small family. Her mother, Miyamato, was a member of Team Rocket who was killed when on a mission to find Mew. Put into a poor foster home, Jessie left to go to a Pokémon Nursing School, which she flunked out of and went to Pokémon Tech where she met up with James. Not long into their education, she left with James and joined the Bridge Bike Gang. After some time she joined Team Rocket and reunited with James. Since then she has been a part of Team Rocket and always the leader of the small Rocket Group she is in. While she can sometimes be hot-headed and moody, Jessie does have a gentler side, especially for Cute Pokémon. Jessie has grown a fondness for Pokémon Contests. However she has yet to win any, but that does not stop her trying


Jessie has entered many contests in her travels, however she has only won a few

Pokémon on hand


Accidentally trading her Lickitung for it, Wobbuffet has become a staple Pokémon of Team Rocket, essentially a fourth team member. It constantly pops out of its Pokéball, either to join in on the motto or just to be there. Jessie & Wobbuffet have a really close bond even though Jessie doesn't show it, and really worry when seperated. However Wobbuffet's loyalty to Jessie has sometimes been in question, such as when it defended a Kirlia that it was in love with. Wobbuffet is not a battling Pokémon by nature, but has been known to hold its own in battles with Ash & Co, Contest Battles and even a battle against Articuno.

Traded From Benny in episode: Tricks Of The Trade
Pokémon on rotation


After returning to Kanto from Alola, Jessie is entrusted with a Gyarados in order to help her accomplish her goals from a passing Team Rocket delivery Pelipper. It has the moves Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail & Hyper Beam at its disposal.

Obtained by episode: Ivysaur is Quite Mysterious, Don't You Think So?

Pokémon In Storage


Team Rocket first encountered Mimikyu soon after they entered the Alola Region, thinking it was a Pikachu at first, they soon learned their mistake when Meowth tried to attack it. Soon afterwards, it decided to join Team Rocket because it got jealous about Ash's Pikachu but initially refused capture by Jessie until she used James' Luxury Ball. It has the moves Play Rough, Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball at its disposal. It eventually was capable of using the Z-Move Let's Snuggle Forever. At the end of the journey in Alola, Jessie & James were summoned home by Giovanni, they decided to leave it under the care of Bewear

Captured in episode: First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!

Long after travelling with Pumpkaboo and using it in their schemes, Jessie met a count with a Pumpkaboo that fell in love with hers. After making a deal to trade her Pumpkaboo with a count in exchange for them helping to get Pikachu, Jessie went through with the trade for a Mawile, but quickly reversed the trade following the evolution and Gourgeist and Jessie returned to being friends. It was then used in battle against Ash & co. with its move Shadow Ball and Seed Bomb and, despite its increased power, still lost but its bond with Jessie has never been stronger

Evolved in episode: The Gourgeist Festival! Farewell, Pumpkaboo!?

While in a cave getting orders from Giovanni, Jessie & James get attacked by a swarm of Woobat. Jessie managed to capture one off-screen. Its first battle was against Ash's Pidove and Juniper's Oshawott. With its powerful Gust & Air Slash attacks, it defeated Pidove before falling to Oshawott,

Captured in Episode: Enter Iris & Axew

Jessie got Frillish returned to the Unova region. Frillish is one of the more powerful Pokémon Jessie has had, and has moves such as Shadow Ball and Bubble which are used to try and defeat enemies, and Psychic which can be used to move enemies. It also has the move Mist, which it uses in order to obscure Team Rocket.

Captured prior to episode: Juniper's Laboratory! A New Journey!!

After it bit into Jessie's hair, Jessie personally attacked Seviper and captured it. Since then, it has been Jessie's main battling Pokémon, originally tough but still manages to get beaten by Ash & Co's teams at every point. Jessie & Seviper to share a bond, although it is seldom seen, except for after Seviper failed miserably at a contest. Seviper does have a fairly agressive personality, and continues the genetic fued with Zangoose whenever it sees one.

Obtained In Episode: A Tail With A Twist

Having been taught AncientPower, Jessie's newly captured Yanma evolved in battle. With powerful moves such as AncientPower, SonicBoom and Steel Wing at its disposal, it is to become a massive powerhouse in Jessie's team

Evolved from Yanma In Episode: Thief That Keeps On Thieving!

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Jessie briefly had Mawile while doing a trade for her Pumpkaboo. However, after Pumpkaboo evolved in the trade, the trade was reversed. When the trade was proposed, she pictured herself with the Mawile and it being able to Mega Evolve.

Briefly owned in episode: The Gourgeist Festival! Farewell, Pumpkaboo!?

Pumpkaboo first appeared after Team Rocket was separated from Meowth after a fight in the balloon. Pumpkaboo randomly appeared and Jessie instantly captured it by the choice of Pumpkaboo. It has moves such as Leech Seed which it uses to restrict Pokémon and Shadow Ball. It later evolved when traded during the Gourgeist festival

Captured in in episode: A Chase Through the Bamboo Grove! Pancham & Pangoro!!
Evolved in episode: The Gourgeist Festival! Farewell, Pumpkaboo!?

Having been weakened by another trainer, Jessie quickly steals the capture of Yanma. Sending it to Giovanni as their first successful steal, Yanma is returned to Jessie and so she decides to train it as her own Pokémon. However, unbeknownst to her, Yanma knows many attacks including AncientPower. With this, it quickly evolved into Yanmega in battle

Captured In Episode: Thief That Keeps On Thieving!
Evolved into Yanmega In Episode: Thief That Keeps On Thieving!

After evolving from Cascoon, Jessie was hoping that it would evolve into a Beautifly. However since it evolved into a Dustox, Jessie gave a reaction that nobody expected, saying that Dustox was even more beautiful than a Beautifly. Dustox has not been used in very many battles, but Jessie has used Dustox in a number of Pokémon Contests. Dustox appears to be a standard Pokémon, loyal to Jessie, but since it is seldom used it is impossible to tell. After travelling through Hoenn, Kanto and part of Sinnoh with Jessie, Dustox soon fell in love with a shiny Dustox and left to start a family

Evolved from Cascoon in episode: Seeing is Believeing!
Left in episode: Farewell, Dustox!

Jessie only had Charizard for a short amount of time. While at Pewter City, Delibird arrived with Pokéballs, one of which containing Charizard. Jessie, knowing the power of Charizard, was overjoyed and decided to use it to try and attack Pewter Gym. However Charizard was delivered by mistake so Jessie had to give it back to Delibird to go to it's rightful owner.

Mistakingly given to by Delibird in Episode: Grating Spaces
Given back to Delibird in Episode: Grating Spaces

Jessie & James fell for another of the Magikarp Salesman's tricks when he passed off this Magikarp as a Feebas. They traded Spoink's Pearl for it, hoping to one day have a beautiful Milotic. However when they put it in some water, the paint on it started to run off revealing that it was a Magikarp. Jessie & James decided to release the Magikarp.

Traded for Spoink's Ball episode: Spoink's Lost Object
Released In Episode: Spoink's Lost Object

After evolving from Wurmple, Jessie was convinced that her Cascoon was actually a Silcoon, so that it would evolve into Beautifly, and kept describing it as such. Jessie took good care of Cascoon, but then in a face off with Ash & Co, it evolved into Dustox.

Evolved from Wurmple in episode: A Corphish Out Of Water!
Evolved into Dustox in episode: Seeing is Believeing!

Jessie, with the same determination as May for a Beautifly, tried hard to capture a Wurmple, which she finally did while hanging on from a branch on a cliff. Jessie's Wurmple was a more quiet and docile Pokémon than May's. However it eventually evolved into Cascoon during a face off with Ash & Co.

Captured In Episode: All In A Day's Wurmple!!
Evolved into Cascoon in episode: A Corphish Out Of Water!

Jessie's Arbok, after evolving from Ekans, was Jessie's main battling Pokémon, and she used it as such, however it very rarely got the upper hand over Jessie's opponents. Jessie & Arbok were pretty close and shared a close bond. However other than the battles, Arbok didn't see much action and eventually left under Jessie's order when she found and released some Ekans that had been kidnapped by Poachers.

Evolved From Ekans in Episode: Dig Those Diglett
Leaves In Episode: A Poached Ego!

Jessie angrily caught Lickitung after it had eaten all the food that she had bought for the Princess Festival. Lickitung was a seldom used powerhouse of Jessie's that often used it's tongue to lick and paralyze its opponent. Lickitung also had a habit of licking Jessie, showing its affection to its trainer. Jessie however accidentally traded her Lickitung for a Wobbuffet in the middle of a scam to get Pokémon off of trainers.

Caught in Episode: Princess Vs. Princess
Traded To Benny in episode: Tricks Of The Trade

Ekans was Jessie's original Pokémon, that was received as a gift. Ekans was a loyal Pokémon that followed Jessie's commands, but away from Jessie it was a kind-natured Pokémon. Ekans evolved when Jessie felt that she needed it to get stronger to defeat Ash & Co. and finally capture Pikachu.

Caught Prior to Episode: Pokémon Emergency
Evolved into Arbok in Episode: Dig Those Diglett

Jessie only had Shellder for a short amount of time. James battled and weakened the Shellder and just as he was about to throw the Pokéball, Jessie got in the way and captured it. Shellder wasn't used for battle, but instead was used on Professor Westwood's Slowpoke in order to evolve it into Slowbro, a Pokémon that Jessie & James were hoping to own and use. Slowbro however stayed with Professor Westwood.

Caught in Episode: The Evolution Solution
Evolved Into Prof. Westwood's Slowbro in Episode: The Evolution Solution