Roy (Jp. Name: Roy ロイ)

Hometown: Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: As Long As I Am With Sprigatito....


Roy is from a small remote island in the Kanto region. He is an eager boy and he wishes to go on adventures and dreams of meeting various Legendary Pokémon. He has got a special mysterious Poké Ball

Pokémon on Team

Roy's Fuecoco Fuecoco

Roy first encountered Fuecoco when the Rising Volt Tacklers emergency landed on the island he lives on. Having encountered Fuecoco while out, he bonded with it and its singing and eventually went to find Fuecoco again. After joining the Rising Volt Tacklers, Fuecoco decided to join Roy as his partner Pokémon. Fuecoco is a very happy and carefree Pokémon, and cares a lot about Friede's Charizard

Obtained in episode: The Ancient Poké Ball