Leon (Jp. Name: Dande)

Hometown: Postwick, Galar
First Appearence In Episode: Flash of the Titans


Leon is the Galar Champion and the #1 in the World Coronation Series. Leon is lauded as one of the strongest trainers in the world and is said to have never lost a battle. Despite this, Leon is a kindhearted man who always wants to help other people and Pokémon, but routinely ends up getting lost and needing directions. He has developed a rivalry with Raihan and he developed an interest in Ash after seeing how Ash battles

Pokémon on Team


Charizard is Leon's partner that he got as a Charmander and has raised ever since. It is an incredibly strong Pokémon that has been used in most of his World Coronation Series battles. Its moves regularly rotate but has been seen using Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Flare Blitz, Dragon Claw, Thunder Punch, Dig, Rock Tomb, Brick Break and Air Slash

Leon's Charizard is capable of Gigantamaxing.

Obtained Prior to Episode: Flash of the Titans

Dragapult was used by Leon to help calm a Gigantamax Coalossal and to help calm a flock of Corviknight. Like Charizard, Leon can ride the Dragapult. It has used the moves Dragon Darts and Dragon Rush

Obtained Prior to Episode: Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!

Rillaboom was used by Leon during the first Masters Eight match against Alain. Facing off against Alain's Chesnaught, it immediately Gigantamaxed. It has Drumbeating and thus G-Max Drum Solo and Max Airstream at its disposal and eventually defeated the Rillaboom after receiving boosts, but fell to Alain's Charizard

Obtained Prior to Episode: The Curtain Rises! The Masters Tournament!!